SEAMLESS — Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life!

Being a modern individual is not all flowers and candy (which we are constantly told not to eat anyway). We are busy choosing careers, building careers or transitioning out of careers we feel no longer suit us. Add to that starting or maintaining a family, taking care of our elders, maybe stealing enough time for a hobby and finding ourselves with very little time left for anything.

As we get a bit older (after 30) we start feeling our bodies saying hello, sometimes loudly, and all of a sudden we are no longer able to do what we used to, don’t recover as fast, stress catches up to us and looking in the mirror is becoming an exercise in patience. Then you get a horrible jolt of a person your age getting really ill or even dying and thoughts of all kinds find themselves jumping into your mind. So you throw yourself into a cleansing diet, buy a health club membership but after a while realize it is just too difficult to stick with. Then you go back to your “normal” but feel bad about it and worry about what may happen.

But what could you do that would restore your vitality while living a busy modern life? You need something that is simple, flexible, easy to integrate into the routine and doesn’t take away free time you are already lacking. It needs to fit with your work and family obligations while being fun and not limiting so you would actually want to do it. You really don’t want to go on a crazy diet again and spend hours in the gym. There has to be a way. And fortunately there is, a method called “SEAMLESS.”

“SEAMLESS” method mixes in eight daily ingredients which can restore your physical and mental health and get you back to feeling great. It is designed to be simple to understand, easy to follow and flexible enough to never get boring. It seamlessly integrates into your everyday life regardless of age, income or current health. These techniques could be applied anywhere you are and don’t require additional investment. In fact the only two requirements are diligence and patience.

SEAMLESS is an acronym which reminds you of the eight things to do daily:

• get plenty of Sleep (quality, uninterrupted sleep of at least seven hours)
• Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of fresh water
• Be Active for at least 30 minutes (activity doesn’t mean lift every day)
• Meditate (nine minutes per day is a good start and you can do it!)
• Love others, Love yourself and Insert something you Love into every day
• Expand your horizons to continue growing (learn something new every day)
• reduce your Stress (don’t manage it — eliminate it!)
• get plenty of Sunshine & fresh air

If it all seems too simple and sounds like something you already know — it IS! Knowing and doing however are two very different things. Most of us cannot honestly say we do all of these on a daily basis no matter how much we realize their importance. We are much too busy and think that there is no way to do all that and still work, take care of kids, please a husband and God forbid have a moment of peace. Thus, that is where we find ourselves, knowing what to do but not realizing HOW to do it. So here are a few of the many tips I give to my clients on how to actually get it done.

Don’t whine, combine!
• During lunch go out for a walk outside and in a half an hour get your 30 minutes of activity, fresh air and sunshine which acts as a stress relief and a walking meditation while still leaving you with enough time to eat

Holistic makes it realistic!
• Don’t tackle being overweight by just changing your diet but also by removing stress through changing your perception of situations, practicing meditation, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water

We are all busy, that’s a fact, but allowing that busyness to consume us is unhealthy and unnecessary. The “trick” is too integrate things we already know into a life we already have and SEAMLESS may just be your way to do it.

Allen Vaysberg is a Recalibration Expert and creator of the SEAMLESS method who facilitates people’s transition from unfulfilled and stressed to doing what they love and being at peace. He speaks on life purpose, career change, work-life balance and the recalibration process and runs online programs helping people re-calibrate their lives. For more information and practical inspiration visit and

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